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The world has changed. In years past, a church’s first impression was made when a guest walked through the door at the invitation of a personal friend, the pastor, a tract, or a special promotion. But especially since the global pandemic of 2020, churches now have a new opportunity to make a first impression: the livestream. But there’s a problem. Most churches–even those who invest time, care, attention, and money into their production–still don’t know how to get “that sound.” That’s where we come in. Through years of research and hard work implementing live and livestream production in our own churches, we’ve crafted a truly unique, repeatable system that gets results every time. With the right skillset and toolset, we can help transform your worship, from the very first time a new guest encounters your church, to their first anniversary with you, and beyond.

We’re the Church Sound Guys

We know the time, commitment, and expertise it takes to produce a worship service week in and week out. After all, we do it too, in our own churches. Every founding member of the Worship Guys is involved with the worship service production at his church. We don’t want to replace you–we never could. But we aim to come alongside and support you. Our systems aim to make your life easier so you can worship on Sunday–not just work. Here’s a little more about us.

Josh Phillips
Aaron Gruening
Willie Kanipe
Jared Easter
Steve Schramm

Our Promise to you

Doing Great Work to the
Glory of God


We are committed to pushing boundaries and ensuring that churches can deliver the most relevant and engaging worship experiences to their audiences.


We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our production services, from audio and video quality to technical implementation, guaranteeing an inviting worship experience.


We believe in working closely with churches, understanding their unique needs, and customizing solutions that transform their worship services beyond expectations.

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