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“Without Spending Hours On End Practicing, Learning How to Sight Read, or Memorizing Tabs”

Matt & Steve

The Worship Guys

If You Can Count To 7, You Can Play Great Worship Music


  • What most professional musicians don’t want you to know about music (you might take their job, even though you aren’t trying!).
  • ​Did you know that music as most worship bands play it today would be IMPOSSIBLE using traditional methods like tabs, sheet music, and chord charts? There’s ONE “little-known trick” that makes the impossible possible—and that’s what we’re going to show you. 
  • What the #1 key to being successful in music (at any level) really is. (Hint: It’s not talent, skill, chops, the ability to sightread, or any of the “traditional” advice). The answer is so obvious you’ll wonder why you’ve never realized it before.
  • ​The story of how one self-proclaimed “loser musician” who couldn’t even pluck out Jingle Bells used this method to enjoy a successful career in the Christian music industry. 
  • ​How the key to creating an awesome worship experience for your church is not theatrics, being a great performer, or even being a great musician. It’s about one thing only: ________________. (You’re going to love this one.)
  • ​Wish you could learn how to play new songs in just 1 hour or less? We’ll reveal the exact tool used by HUNDREDS of pro musicians (but you’ve probably never heard of it before) that makes learning new music “easy as pie.”
  • Why you’re trying to memorize your music in a way that is basically guaranteed to fail, and the method you SHOULD be using. (This one trick will allow you to listen to one half of a song—for the first time EVER—and play the rest to near-perfection.)
  • ​…best of all, you’re going to learn how to make music just “click” for you. If you’ve struggled for hours on end to learn new music (or even to understand the basics!), you need this free jumpstart.