Your Story and Your Worship

by | Oct 9, 2020

Worship pastors, leaders, singers, musicians — what is your story?

Do those you serve with know?

Do those you serve know?

It’s hard to be vulnerable…

Especially in a context where you spend so much time with the people around you—and people who look up to you and respect you at that.

But you know what’s interesting?

Your story—your vulnerability—that’s exactly how people identify and connect with one another!

What I’m saying is this…

Don’t be averse to letting others into your story…

What God has done for you…

How God has brought you through hard times into better times…

How you’ve failed God before and how he helped you in spite of that failure…

Remember—we are all about creating the worship experience.

Part of true worship—a huge part, mind you—is opening up to the truth of God’s Word and letting his Spirit heal our hearts.

That cannot be done without vulnerability. Plain and simple.

Share your story, and share it often. It will help people.

The proof is in the pudding, too. In fact, my story is the very second lesson you’ll find inside of our Worship By Numbers course. Want free access?

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Steve Schramm

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