Yet Not I

by | Sep 22, 2020

One of my favorite bands on the scene right now is Cityalight.

They are just so thoughtful in every aspect of the worship experience they create both for their church and for their listeners.

Their lyrics are Christ-honoring, and the music is really good, all while being minimalist enough to stay out of the way.

You get the sense that the band has tremendous talent…and yet is almost more talented in their creative approach than their musical chops. It’s really fun to watch.

One song that really put them on the map is Yet Not I.

Of course, the song is using the Apostle’s Pauls true and eloquent reflection that everything we are, everything we have, and everything we do is only because Christ is living within us.

As Christians, we’re in this beautiful union with Christ…

What Christ makes possible in us and for us goes beyond ANYTHING we could possibly imagine for ourselves.

This is true in worship!

How about that for amazing thought! Christ—the one to whom we give our worship—puts his Spirit in us, who in turns makes true worship possible!

Let’s remember, friends, that everything we do—including our God-given abilities to play music in worship toward him—is only possible through Christ in us.

Can other people play music who don’t have Christ in them? Sure…

But that entirely misses the point.

Our music, though Christ, has the opportunity for eternal impact. There’s no investment you could make anywhere else with a better rate of return than that!

That’s one reason we think it’s so important to put your best foot forward in learning worship music.

We created Worship By Numbers to help you feel more confident than ever and help you grow as a worship musician.

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