Worship with a Why

by | Aug 19, 2020

One of my personal favorite hobbies is the intense study of Christian theology and apologetics.


Yeah, that was my first question too…

The word “apology” has changed meaning over time. Today, it means “to say I’m sorry.”

Initially though, the word meant something like, “to give a reasoned defense.”

Here’s the big question…why worship God, anyway?

To be worthy of worship, he must be:

  • Good
  • Loving
  • Just
  • REAL
  • And a bunch more stuff the Bible says that he is….

But can we trust the Bible?

Can we know things about God from, say, science? Philosophy? Even mathematics?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about those things.

Fortunately for us heaven-bound-earthings—the answer is yes.

So, who cares? What’s the point?

Isn’t it obvious? Do you know WHY you worship Who you worship?

Would you spend hours each week worshipping, adoring, studying, and promoting some one or some thing you didn’t even believe in?

Make this a priority in your life. It will truly change EVERYTHING about the way you worship.

Hey speaking of worship…….

Worship leaders and musicians often struggle to have productive rehearsals because the entire band is not on the same page. Been there?

We created Worship By Numbers™ to give EVERYONE a SINGLE SYSTEM that will keep you on the same page.

(Look, you KNOW it’s frustrating trying to tell a guitarist with a capo what chord to play next. Or a keyboardist with an unweildy transpose key….)

Think you can’t overcome that? Think again—and find out for sure—at www.WorshipByNumbers.com.

Steve Schramm

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