Worship Through Times of Disagreement

by | Aug 26, 2020

I am a very opinionated person—yet, I always try to see the other side of the story.

Part of my story involves around a decade spent as a full-time musician, most of that time touring full-time on the road.

Let me tell you—although I would not trade that time for anything, you put 7+ unique personalities on a tin can (aka, a bus), the atmosphere gets…

…interesting…at times.

I would run out of fingers and toes before I’d get to the number of times one of us quit, had some sort of biblical/theological or practical disagreement, etc.

Yet, we loved one another.

We STOOD for our mission.

We knew our calling and our purpose.

And—ultimately—we let NOTHING get in the way of it.

We should approach the worship experience in our local church context as well.

As my pastor very often says, “We ain’t gotta be twins!”

So friends, where there may be disagreement, may there also be PASSIONATE worship.

Steve Schramm

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