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by | Sep 3, 2020

One of the things we talk about inside of Worship By Numbers is the importance of creating a worshipful atmosphere.

It’s a pretty big job, if ya think about it.

I mean…

Not only should we show up confident, prepared to play, ready to do our best, etc…

But we’re also tasked with being worship leaders!

“Wait…Um, Steve. I’m not the worship leader. That’s so-and-so’s job.”

See…that’s where you wrong.

That attitude is precisely the opposite of what our attitude SHOULD be!


People take their cues from those on the stage.

You may not be directing the worship; make no mistake, though—if you’re on the platform, you are helping to lead it.

SO many things can take away from the experience:

A bad attitude…

A lack of confidence…

Fear of standing in front of others…

Overwhelm at the idea of being a leader….

These are things we ALL deal with at one time or another.

I used to get so nervous playing on stage it would wreck me.

My first ever performance at a bluegrass festival was like this (it’s not “worship music” I get it…but hear me out…).

These things are high pressure. The BEST of the BEST are there.

And me? Well……let’s just say I was not one of them.

I stuck out like a sore thumb, frankly.

Worse? I had developed Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease just days before, which meant….

All the skin had pealed off the end of my fingers, leaving them with no calluses and totally fresh skin.

Now—if you’re a guitar playing reading this, you’re probably screaming in agony at the thought.

I mean, it hurt. BAD.

And yet, it was my responsibility. I couldn’t let them down.

No matter how nervous or scared I was (only made worse by my missing callouses!), I had a job to do.

The same is true for the worship musician.

But, you don’t have to feel that way. I was not given a choice—I developed the skin condition and had to deal with it.


You do have a choice.

The simple fact is, Worship By Numbers was created to give people just like you a system that can destroy your anxiety and help you become a better player than ever before.

If you have confidence in yourself, that translates so well into the worship experience!

You’ll play with more authority, you won’t be a distraction, and best of all—no shakin’ in your boots.

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Steve Schramm

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