Worship Moments

by | Aug 17, 2020

My partner-in-crime, Matt, talks often about creating “Worship Moments.”

He has his own set of thoughts about what this means, what it looks like, etc.

One thing is for sure: it occurs to me that whatever “worship moments are,” I need to have more of them…

Think about it: How many of the daily blessings do you take for granted?

Do you have a spouse at home that loves and supports you no matter what?

Do you have kids that are so pumped to see you it’s like the ice cream truck just came be-bopping along?

Opportunities to worship “in spirit and truth” lie all around us each day.

I want to encourage you to SEIZE those opportunities.

(You’re not getting any younger ya know.)

My wife, God bless her. She puts up with so much.

We had a really good conversation last night just about priorities, some schedule changes we need to make, etc.

It went so well, and many men are not so fortunate. That’s a worship moment. She saw a pattern, we talked calmly about it, and made some progress.

That’s a worship moment.

Are you missing worship moments in your own life?

Please, let’s remember that worship—especially the experience we put forward on Sunday—is, as E.M. Bounds said of preaching, “Not the performance of an hour. It is the outflow of a life.”

A life lived in awe of God and toward him in worship Monday-Saturday will show in a BIG way come Sunday.

Come; NOW is the time to worship.

Steve Schramm

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