Togetherness in Worship

by | Sep 15, 2020

I was listening to an episode of To the Choirmaster (a worship podcast) yesterday, and MAN did the message hit home.

The host was trading on the notion that what we experience in worship together transcends anything we could possibly hope for in worship alone.

So, here’s the context:

There has been questioning over the past few months as to the real value of corporate worship.

After all, COVID-19 has forced many churches out of their corporate environment, forcing pastors, worship leaders, and other regular teachers to get creative about how they meet for worship and instruction.

It’s a fair question, right?

Is there really any value in meeting corporately, if it’s possible to learn and worship individually?

The host’s answer was an EMPHATIC yes!

The reality is, the worship music experience is more than just being in the same room with others and singing the same song.

You get to see the reaction on the faces of those singing.

You get to take part in the experience of others being blessed by a particular word or line of the song that can take on new significance for you.

As an example, it’s one thing for me to sing It Is Well With My Soul. It’s quite another thing to watch that family going through cancer sing it.

That’s a fairly simplistic example, but don’t you see the point?

What we experience in worship together just cannot be replicated on our own.

Togetherness in worship is a huge theme in the content we create, including within our Worship By Numbers program.

If you are trying to be a Lone Ranger, it will never work.

People will notice. You will be a distraction, rather than a blessing.

Sign up today to get started with Worship By Numbers and learn how to integrate into your church band instead of take something away from it.

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