The “Go-To” Song

by | Sep 23, 2020

There’s a concept that works really well in our church…

That I’ve never personally seen in any other church I’ve been in.

And I’ve been in a lot of churches.

It’s a sort of…anthem…I guess you could say for our church.

When it’s time to extend an invitation, no matter what the message was, this song works to motivate the hearts of those in our church.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write more about the characteristics to look for in a “go-to” song; for today, though, I just want to get you thinking.

Ours is Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher.

This particular song is a reminder of one simple—yet life-altering—truth: In everything we do, we need the Lord.

There’s not an ounce of good done under our own power. As I wrote about yesterday, it’s this concept of “Yet Not I” but through Christ in me!

This carries over into every area of life!

Have a burden that needs bearing? Take it to Jesus.

Thankful for a recent promotion at work? Take it to Jesus.

Feel God calling you into a deeper role in ministry? Take it to Jesus.

See, it extends into every area of life, which is why our “go-to” song is so versatile.

As I write this, we are move headfirst into fall (it already feels like Winter…ah, that’s North Carolina mornings for ya…).

Which means—yep—Christmas music prep time. Believe it or not, some Christmas music is really hard. Like, surprisingly so.

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