The End of Sheet Music

by | Oct 1, 2020

You might consider it a bit audacious to declare the “end of sheet music”…

And you would be right.

It is a bit audacious, I admit.

However, I really do mean it—at least in our context.

The fact is this: Sheet music will always be around. Certain kinds of music will always require it. I get that.

However, I can think of very few times any member of a worship band will need to be able to read a piece of sheet music.

I have two friends right now who are incredible keyboardists, and neither of them can read a single note of sheet music. It’s like Chinese to them.

Fact: I can just barely read sheet music (basically not at all), yet I have been performing with—and even instructing—worship bands for the last 10+ years of my life.

And there’s just no reason to.

After all, numbers are the new kid on the block.

They’re not really new though…

Musicians have used numbers to play music for decades and decades. In fact, that numbers have a large role in understanding music is something even classical musicians of centuries gone by realized…

But only in modern times have the numbers 1-7 been systemically utilized to provide an entire framework for song composition that allows musicians to quickly—and easily—learn any new song.

(What if you could learn a new song in less than 30 minutes? What would that make possible for you? Would that have a positive impact on your life?)

If you’re interested in learning more about how it all works, here’s the link:

Steve Schramm

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