The Day Chad Learned How to Count to 7

by | Oct 13, 2020

My buddy Chad is one of my favorite examples when it comes to Worship By Numbers.

If you don’t know, Worship By Numbers is a membership community and training platform where we, The Worship Guys, work with people in a group setting to become better worship musicians.

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Around the time I initially had the idea to put something like this together, I decided to try it out on my friend Chad.

Chad has been playing guitar for a little while now…mostly, he was using guitar tabs and chord charts to learn new songs.

The problem is that every single time he wanted to learn a new song, guess what he had to do?

Start from scratch.

Can you relate?

Once Chad got one song figured out, that was all well and good. But the minute he wanted to learn a new one, nothing he learned the last time mattered.

He could not “transfer” that information from one song to the next.

And there lies the problem with guitar tabs and other “traditional” ways to learn new music.

So when I first showed him that all you have to do to learn new music is understand how to count to 7…he was hooked.

Actually, he was a bit flabbergasted. Most of all, though—he got it.

It made sense to him. And that’s more than I could say for anything else he had tried.

Now, is Chad perfect today? No. Am I perfect today? No. Are you perfect today? No.

But if you want to get closer to worship musician perfection, dare I say there’s nothing more impactful you can learn than simply how to count to 7.

Here’s how:

Steve Schramm

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