The Careful Art of Trying New Music

by | Oct 7, 2020

In our church, we introduced a new song the other day that was…interesting…in a good way!

Now—mind you, this was not a song for congregational singing.

And admittedly, it was a bit “different” from what you may typically hear in a church…

But as our pastor said right afterward, “Y’know, there was a lot more Bible in that song than in many songs you hear in church!”

He was right.

As we’ve discussed before, what matters most about a song is its biblical faithfulness.

When compared with Scripture, does the song stand up to scrutiny? Even if the message is a bit more abstract?

If so, then it may be a song at least worth consideration for some context in the church.

It strikes me that another very important thing to consider is this: Don’t. Get. Attached.

What I mean is…let’s say you’re the worship leader, and you have found a new song you think will work well in the context of your church.

You take it to the pastor…and…he shoots it down. Maybe he gives good reasons. Maybe he doesn’t.

If you truly believe God has entrusted this man with the leadership of your local congregation, you will act in accordance with that belief—which will often mean submitting to his leadership even when it is unclear why.

So trying new music is really an art form.

Some new music will bomb…

Some new music will be warmly accepted…

But you should always try to introduce newness into the worship experience at your church.

With so many wonderful songs written about Savior, I see no reason to sing the same 10 songs over and over again.

There’s a case to be made for familiarity (more on that another day)—but all familiar songs were once new.

Steve Schramm

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