The #1 Epiphany You Need To Have To Completely Change the Way You Think About Music

by | Aug 16, 2020

This morning at church, I was working with a buddy of mine who’s learning how to play music by numbers.

He’s a work in progress, but he’s doing a super great job! The progress is really incredible.

But like anything new, sometimes, we get in our own way…

Does this sound like you?

You’re learning something new. You want to fully embrace this new idea, strategy, or philosophy.

And yet, you keep retreating back into the familiar.

This is EXACTLY what was happening to him.

We teach our students to use numbers instead of notes when playing music.

Why? Reason 7,569: You don’t have to memorize chords.

So, what was he doing? Trying to memorize how chords relate to numbers.

No, no, no, no, no! That misses the point. And I told him so.

All you need to do—the only thing AT ALL you need to do—is know the major scale. That’s it! Intellectually, that’s the only tool you need.

We all know it gets more complicated than that, though. And it’s ok. It’s why he is a student. Maybe you are a student. That’s okay. (We’re all students of someone, by the way.)

We created Worship By Numbers™ because we have a SINCERE belief that learning our system will change everything for you.

Want to put us to the test?

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Steve Schramm

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