Sin is an Inhibiter of Worship

by | Oct 29, 2020

A helpful insight God has been teaching me deals with the minification of our efforts.

Here’s what I mean:

God rewards diligence, hard work, dedication to the task, dedication to his work, etc.

However, God does not reward constant sinful activity; in other words, we have the ability, in our humanity, to inhibit our blessings.

Here’s a tangible example: Giving.

Nobody likes to talk about it, but it’s interesting. Pretty much very person I know who makes a consistent habit of regular and abundant giving reports that they are profoundly blessed as a direct result of it.

And yet, so many—myself included—tend to clench tightly onto our time and our money.

In this way, we inhibit the blessings of God. He wants to bless—but will do so in accordance with our faithfulness.

So it goes in your efforts as a worship leader or musician.

Ask yourself a serious question:

Are you living a double life?

As I wrote just yesterday, sometimes we fail. Yes. But that is NOT an excuse or a license to live in a consistent habit of failing God.

God convicts of sin—are you so used to it that you are numb to his conviction? Really think about it.

If our task is to adore God more (again, see what I wrote yesterday), it’s going to be hard to do that when our blatant sinfulness and disobedience is getting in the way.

Take inventory of your life. Are you serving him well? Are you living consistently behind closed doors with the person you are in public?

I can almost guarantee you—if you are wondering why others seem to get ahead, are more successful than you, etc., this is a good place to start. Where you are inhibiting your own blessings?

Steve Schramm

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