More important than the music…

by | Sep 21, 2020

At choir practice yesterday, Matt was encouraging us through a time of prayer and bearing the burdens and needs of others.

He made the observation that, as many troubles, trials, and problems were represented in that space, it was just a small fraction of that which in is in our church as a whole.

And he’s SO right.

The Lord really convicted my heart…

Look—it’s so easy to that the music is the “chief end.”

Sitting there as Matt was sharing, taking prayer requests, etc., I whispered to myself, Man…this sure is taking a lot of time out of practice.

And it’s like I could hear the Lord telling me in that moment—This is what you’re here for!

Obviously, I LOVE music and, when I’m holding an instrument in my hand, find it difficult not to be playing something.

But it would behoove us to intentionally think beyond that every once in awhile…

It’s about way more than the music.

Steve Schramm

P.S. The music is still important of course, which is why we created

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