Messed Up Worship

by | Sep 11, 2020

Do ya ever just feel unworthy to worship?

It’s interesting…have you ever thought about what a pastor goes through?

News Flash: Most pastors realize they are not perfect.

This may be a shock to some…but the truth is that the very people who have been called by God to speak into the lives of his people week in and week out…are themselves messed up and in desperate need of God’s help day in and day out.

Being a pastor or preacher does not except you from needing the Lord.

Btw, neither does leading the worship.

Maybe the reality is that, on any given Sunday, you should be at the altar confessing sin or drawing nearer to Christ personally rather than leading others in the worship experience.

Here is my encouragement to you: Don’t let leading the worship come before doing the worship.

Hear me: The only time you’ll “fail” in the context of worship is to fail to worship.

Fixing that, more than anything, should be your goal.

While you’re working on that…

I know, more than anyone, what it’s like to feel like you are failing at worship music. I deal with folks all the time just like you who feel that way, too.

There is a remedy for that, called Worship By Numbers.

We created it to help people like you ditch the fear and anxiety you experience every Sunday. Interested? Check it out for free here:

Steve Schramm

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