Make worship fun again

by | Sep 29, 2020

One of the most dangerous things you can do for a passion, hobby, or even a duty…

Is to rob it of everything that makes it fun.

Think about it:

I don’t know very many people that have fun at work AND hate their job.

I don’t know many people that spend HOURS learning a new subject that aren’t having fun while they do it.

Do you?

I mean…anything you do…if it is not fun for you, you are not going to give it very much time or effort.

And if you do, it will not last, because you cannot sustain doing something you hate for long periods of time. We’re just not built to operate that way.

As we write about literally every day, being a worship leader (that includes musicians, by the way) is a very serious, and very biblical calling.

We OWE thought, time, and attention to this craft…because we owe it to those we’ve been called to serve week in and week out.

But we also owe it to them to transfer our enthusiasm for the craft.

Sometimes, I’m unintentionally a bit animated when I play. Not in a distracting way (at least I don’t think)…

But it’s obvious to people that I enjoy what I am doing.

Every so often someone will come up to me and say something like, “Ya know…I can tell you REALLY love what you do. It seems so genuine and I really appreciate that.”

“Ministry” comes in all shapes and sizes.

The fact is…

Even your demeanor on the platform is a ministry.

Every single movement ether adds or takes away from the worship experience…but make no mistake…it makes a contribution.

So, while it’s important to hone your craft and do your best to become a better musician each and every day (which our education program, Worship By Numbers, can help with)…

Don’t forget to have fun. It matters…

Steve Schramm

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