Living the #WorshipLife

by | Aug 16, 2020

So, what is worship anyway?

I get it…it’s too “cliche” to say something like, “worship isn’t just music.”

That doesn’t make it any less true, though.

So worship is a lifestyle. Worship is also music. Worship is an atmosphere. Worship is a disposition. Worship is a posture.

Worship is a lot of things!

The #WorshipLife is all of these things wrapped up together. A life honoring to God.

Here’s the thing: Sometimes the #WorshipLife is elusive.

Wait, what…?

You heard me right. I don’t always feel like worshipping. Can you relate?

One thing that’s really cool about the job of the worship pastor/leader/singer/musician is that we get to, at least once per week, help people get into that “zone.”

It’s the zone we all WISH were a 24/7 thing, but KNOW it isn’t.

So, worship is atmosphere. An atmosphere that we GET to help CREATE in the hearts and minds of those we’re blessed to serve.

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