Being Filled with the Spirit

by | Oct 19, 2020

If I was a bettin’ man, I’d bet you struggle a lot with pride.

Steve, how did you know?!

Because you, like me, are a human being. And at the core, human beings struggle with issues of pride.

This was the very first sin of humanity, and according to the Bible, is humanity’s fundamental problem.

Unfortunately, we often skew our thinking about pride.

Here’s what I mean:

It’s not bad to be prideful in the sense of, say, proud of yourself or one of your children for accomplishing a big goal. It’s also not bad to “take pride in what you do”—so, as a worship musician, to be proud of your role and to do a good job.

The problem with pride is that it is very sneaky. It blurs lines.

At its heart, a prideful spirit is one filled with self-aggrandizement.

And so today I ask you a simple question as it relates to your role as a worship leader or musician:

What is your motive?

Are you just “doing the job”?

Are you filled with the Spirit, or puffed up with yourself?

These are super hard questions to answer. Not in the sense that you don’t know the answer. Because you do. We all do.

But moreso in the sense that you’ll have to come to terms with your heart—and that, friends, is often not easy.

Being filled with the Spirit is the only path to real success in doing what God has for you to do.

Service without the Spirit = failure.

Don’t merely serve. As my pastor recently remarked: “Be, then do.”

Steve Schramm

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