Be (More Than) Okay with Going Old School

by | Sep 17, 2020

Sometimes, as I mentioned yesterday, you have to call an audible in the worship service.

What I mean is, you have to improvise last minute and change things around.

Yesterday, I mentioned how part of being able to accomplish this was to introduce versatility into your worship team.

Now, we talked about this through the lens of musicianship, but there’s another lens to look through as well:

The music.

Imagine that.

So what do I mean?

Well, for us, it meant going old school.

Apart from the choir openers, we sang nothing but traditional hymns; plus, Jason played the guitar for this part instead of the piano, so the music (guitar, bass, and cajon) took on a more old school, bluegrass flavor.

You’d think it sounded empty…but you’d be wrong.

The music and the singing was full and lively. Almost felt like an old camp meeting.

Actually, it was a great time. The songs were chosen wonderfully, and the music as we played it complemented them so well.

So it’s not only okay to go old school…it’s MORE than okay! It’s downright awesome, actually.

Never be afraid to go that route. In our church, we sing a LOT of traditional hymns. We love them. But, we also sing many newer songs in the rotation as well.

This all goes back to the notion of versatility and flexibility. You need these in your worship band.

Also, if you’re interested, we can help you become a more flexible and versatile musician by teaching you how to play by numbers. Want to see how it works? Start here:

Steve Schramm

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