Ahoy, Mateys! There’s a New Podcast A’Brewin’

by | Aug 18, 2020

Cue Narrator Voice

In a world where…

Totally kidding. But for real, there’s a podcast coming soon, and you should listen to it.

Here’s where you can get the goods: ==>Here<==

Introducing, The Worship Guys Podcast!

Another podcast? About worship? Hasn’t this been done already?

Such a skeptic, you are…

For real though, the reason for this podcast is multi-faceted.

Matt, the resident worship leader, has had many peers (both experienced and inexperienced) ask his thoughts on how to build and structure a worship music program from the ground up.

We’re going to get a little vulnerable here. He sent me a message that was too good—and too real—to keep from you.

I’ve been meaning to ask you something. I’ve really been burdened about trying to write some stuff about church music. Like how we balance things, why we balance, steps to take in establishing some balance etc. I get questions about it quite a bit- mainly because they’re familiar with Jake and they see our services. And I have a few friends in ministry who are trying to do the same thing we are (singing ACTUAL music). The road block I run into is that I feel like I could give some sort of answer for it, but I’m just not sure how to go about it. I thought about a blog. I don’t want it to be perceived like “well Matt must think he knows everything”. Because you and I both know that’s crap. Also- I barely escaped Bible college. I just think I do have some things that have worked for us, and people do ask me about it quite a bit. Doesn’t make me a subject matter expert, but if I can be some sort of help in explaining what works at Eufola, then I’d love to be a help. Did you ever go through that in your apologetics work?

Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t know everything. However, we do know that we have value to bring to the table.

So this blog—and our upcoming podcast—is the feeble attempt by Matt and myself to speak something useful into your life, whether you are a worship pastor, worship leader, musician, etc.

We are not perfect; that said, we have YEARS in the trenches. We are still there!

The important thing is that we have experiences that YOU, dear friend, can learn from.

Why make the mistakes we did?

Why not take advantage of the successes we’ve had?

Why not learn from the lessons we’ve learned?

Why not overcome the insecurities we faced?

Why not push past the roadblocks WE ran into it?

So we’re not perfect, we’re not “gurus,” and we’re not know it alls…but we know some things, and desperately want be there for you (almost more than stripes wanna be on a Zebra).

Be on the lookout for The Worship Guys Podcast. It’s coming soon!

For your information, we are putting the final touches on Worship By Numbers™, our system that will make music come alive for you in a fresh, exciting way.

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