A Daily Discipline of Worship

by | Oct 6, 2020

I have a confession to make…

I do not regularly listen to worship music.

I should…but I don’t…

So today’s thought is not profound. It is not meant to incite some sense of guilt. It is also not meant to make you feel sorry for me or for yourself

It is just what it is…an admission that I need to get better about being surrounded by my craft…

Could you say the same?

I honestly believe that being a regular consumer of new worship music is, in itself, a way to become a better “producer” of it!

Also—while I’m at it, you should listen to stylistically diverse music.

So, I don’t listen to worship music regularly. But I do listen to it frequently enough, and I have a regular diet of other kinds of music, including movie scores and soundtracks.

The reason I don’t listen to much worship music is simply because I’m either (1) working, when I prefer movie scores or classical music or (2) doing something mindless, where I prefer to listen to content-heavy teaching like a podcast or audiobook.

Today, then, I’m asking myself (and you!) a question:

Where in my schedule can I fit regular consumption of worship music?

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Steve Schramm

P.S. If you want to learn how to play worship music, this is the resource you need: www.WorshipByNumbers.com

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